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Strategic choices and decision-making continue to be a challenge for all library leaders. Options and alternatives abound, so how do we choose what digital solutions best fit our communities, campuses, corporations, and governments? The Library Leaders Digital Strategy Summit is an intimate, interactive, problem-solving experience for leaders to discuss future scenarios and options with colleagues and industry experts. During the sessions, leaders are challenged with various perspectives and viewpoints to clarify their visions and goals of digital strategy in their organizations’ environments.  

Hosted & Facilitated By

Michael Edson
Associate Director & Head of Digital
United Nations Live—Museum for Humanity            
Rebecca Jones
Director of Services
Brampton Library

Why You Should Attend

  • This 2-day summit is an intimate forum for library directors, CEOs, and CIOs of academic, public, government, and special libraries to problem-solve, discuss, reflect and network with colleagues.
  • Featuring a blend of high-level presentations, expert panels and conversations with practiced thoughtleaders and roundtable, facilitated discussions, it's aim is for library leaders to stretch their thinking and leave with practical next steps.

What Attendees are Saying about the Library Summit

  • "I love the timely topics of this conference. The conference guides me to the right direction in new technology."
  • "Walked away with something from every session. I want to thank you!"
  • "You can tell [conference organizers] spent a lot of time on it; it was well executed."
  • "Excellent experience! I will be back next year!"

A Snapshot of Our Past Attendees by Job Title

  • Analyst
  • Associate Director of Public Services
  • Associate Director for Systems & Services
  • Associate Provost for Library Services
  • Branch Chief
  • Computer Specialist
  • Coordinator, Library Sustainability
  • Dean of Libraries
  • Deputy Director General
  • Digital Libraries Lead
  • Digital Services Librarian Director
  • Director of the Law Library, Professor of Law
  • Director, IRC
  • Director, Library & Archives
  • Director, Library Futures
  • Director, Research Library
  • Editor/Writer
  • Executive Director
  • Head Librarian
  • Head of Technology
  • Interim Dean
  • IT Portfolio Manager
  • Librarian
  • Librarian of Army
  • Library Director
  • Library Manager
  • Program Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Publisher
  • Supervisory Librarian
  • University Librarian & Professor
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